Explore battery’s behavior without handling electrochemical components that are both cumbersome and dangerous. Simulate a nominal or abnormal usage (Short circuit, Fuse’s destruction, etc.) of your cells.


Gain time

With the simulation accelerator implemented in BatLab, the behavior’s visualization of the battery is done in a few seconds only


We are using renowned and cutting edge models to reproduce the electric and thermal behavior of your battery cells


The specifications of your virtual battery and all the models are fully customizable. Save and reuse your own emulation’s environments.

Size and Configure a battery

Batlab provides to students an experience in storage system conception and sizing. From the drawing board to the configuration of the battery management system implemented.


  • Select and create your cell model
  • Setup your battery pack configuration
  • Size the storage system’s peripheral (Fuzes, contactor, precharge resistors)

Drive the system

While charging or discharging, apply a great variety of stimuli on your battery to observe each cell’s behavior and the reaction of your system’s peripherals.

From a simple current set point to profile management, through impedance charges, you are free to expose the battery to diverse scenarios.

The virtualization of storage elements shortens and secures your experimentations

Observe in real time

Observe the evolution of every cell’s properties (voltage, current, temperature etc.).

BatLab’s integrated models faithfully replicates the behavior of a great variety of chemistry including:

  • Dynamic and almost static voltage evolution
  • Variation of the energy availability in terms of use conditions
  • Heating and Cooling of the package’s cells

Configure and test a real BMS (Battery Management System)

Access multiple configuration level

BatLab provide to its users the possibility to reconfigure the entirety of the BMS’s parameters. The configuration’s files can be downloaded, uploaded, and saved directly via Wi-Fi communication.

Simulate in an HIL environment (Hardware in the loop)

The FS-XT BatLab’s package provides IHM hardware (push button and LEDs) to interact directly with the BMS. Once the configuration is loaded, you will be able to test the whole system in real time with the help of the Emulator.

From Virtual to Real Life System

Visualize the functioning

The FreeSafe-XT BMS provides access to the cell’s data during the battery use. This embarked telemetry allows to observe the real system’s behavior and ease the process of comparing the real results with the results from the emulation’s process.

Build your battery

We supply an extensive documentation including a large choice of Cell and qualified management peripherals to work with our BMS (FreeSafe-XT). The documentation provides application note facilitating the assembly and the integration of your battery pack

Import your BMS configuration

The configurations that are generated and tested in the scope of BatLab’s emulation can be reused as is on FreeSafe-XT(BMS) installed on batteries. This configuration can directly be done via WiFI with the help of BatLab

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