Custom BMS

Your Needs

Your project demands a cost driven industrial optimization and secure logistic? You want to develop specific – Software or/and Hardware –  energy management functionality. You wish to introduce a particular communication protocols? You have to manage specific norms?

Freemens will bring you the help and its experience to assist you in developing your solution

Our Solutions

We are building long term relations with our clients. We invest ourselves in your project to better grasp the what is at stake and provide with an appropriate solution.

We entirely control the software and hardware internally et we rely on a renowned and specialized partner among the industry.

From understanding the need to mass production


Define and follow your project

We help you define your specifications: from the battery’s function specification through particular functionality of your application, to finalize the redaction of your final Specification bill.

Develop material hardware

Components are chosen and sized to optimize the cost and functionality while providing the required functioning level. The Electric Supply and the thermal sizing are tailored to your needs. Every sizing choice will show in a conception report that will be exclusive to your project.

Freemens will make the electric schematics of the cards. This include the generation of a complete, detailed bill of material with cost’s reference of each component.
Freemens will route the boards in collaboration with an industrial partner and will provide a production folder with 3d models

The board’s dimensions et the placement of the main components enables us to generate initial 3d models which will allow you to work on your mechanical integration as soon as possible

Software developement

Freemens provides its skills to develop Embedded software in the electronic board. This software includes among other, Battery control algorithm, digital wired of wireless communication, reprogrammable logic and the possibility to reconfigure for divers application.

Freemens will help you to develop end-user software, for example a PC or smartphone application the monitor your batteries.

Test and Validation

All the features are tested in laboratory. Features requiring power test will be benchmarked on our dedicated stands. All the results will be transferred to you in a customized report.

The final validation on your application will be made in situ to guarantee a nominal operating of all the features specified in the beginning

You have a project that requiers the setup and the management of an electrochemical storage system ?