FreeSafe XT – Secure, manage, extend longevity of your batteries. This PCB (Printed Card Board) is the battery management system that offers a high level of security, optimal longevity and accurate measurements of battery’s state of charge and health












FreeSafe-XT is mandatory to protect your batteries and their users. Our state monitors make the usage of your batteries predictable and user friendly


We collect all the information(s history about the life of your battery on a robust storage support to verify if the battery had been and is correctly used


Benefit from additional modern plug and play interface of your batteries. FreeSafe-XT natively support WiFI communication with Android Smartphone or Tablets.



Our Battery Management System is highly configurable. It manages your battery even if the specifications of your application evolves

Security, Reliability

FreeSafe-XT is a battery management system engineered according to highest security standards. Its conception had been designed and is managed by an experienced, trustworthy and skillful Industrial partner.
FreeSafe-XT insures an optimal sustained battery performance during its entire life cycle


Flexibility and versatility

Over 60 parameters are customizable to perfectly adapt FreeSafe-XT to specification of your battery. Our BMS is also built to handle various wiring and architectures. Those assets guarantee the compatibility of our BMS with your systems whatever their evolutions will be.



To ensure the start of your system within the best timeframe, we have qualified renowned peripheral components:

  • Contactor : Gigavac / Tyco Electronics
  • Current monitor : LEM

Our manuals provide example of setup for components with our products



We provides all the needed documentation to handle our products. Our objective is to help you to be autonomous and to master your storage system on your own.


  • Follow the evolution of your battery in real time with FreeView.
  • Reconfigure and troubleshoot your battery with a simple tablet
  • No wires are necessary; the pack remains sealed during maintenance operations