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If you have questions about our products and how you can implement them in your solutions ask us for a Demonstration or information anytime.


Here are some of the most asked question, if you don’t find an answer please contact us either by phone, email or the contact form above

Founded in October 2011, Freemens provides to its customers suitable Battery Management System solutions for electrochemical storage, while ensuring durability and availability of materials at the best cost.

In Jan-2018, Freemens was acquired by ION Energy Inc.

Simple, once we have basic information about your system, we can start drafting a proposal and select the best product for you. When it is done we usually move forward with what we call QuickStart, an engineering package that will help you implement our solution efficiently.

Unlike our competitors in China and other parts of the world, we follow a “No Compromise” policy while selecting components and building product. The cost can vary from battery to battery, but you should expect between 80-200€ for a single BMS for batteries under 60V . For higher voltage batteries, prices range from  200-400€ for a the Master BMS board paired with other slaves of the same kind.

If you are just starting out and want a sample – You can buy a QuickStart package which comes with a sample of the BMS, software and Engineering support. This QuickStart package starts from 2000 € based on the complexity of your project.

Get an instant quote for you system

Freeway is a cloud platform you access via your typical web browser. When logged into your customer account you will be able to access all the data regarding your batteries. For instance: Voltages, Error logs, Temperature variations, Current configuration. If you want a demo please follow this link.

If your battery operates between 20V and 1000V, your battery is eligible as well as our software environment, including FreeWay and FreeView (Android Dashboard app)

To certain extent, in the framework of QuickStart we will give you advices on how to better secure, handle and take care of your battery, we have accumulated a lot of experience throughout the years and we don’t count on sitting on it !


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