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What We Do.

Batteries are everywhere. Just look around you.
Our Battery Management Systems are used by Makers of Electric Vehicles, Telecom Towers, Residential Batteries, Formula E Cars & More.

  • Scalable – Cover a wide range of batteries with only one architecture
  • Smart – Our Battery Management System will Understand your battery
  • Communication Protocols – Our BMS provide CAN-Bus interface and Bluetooth capabilities
  • Smartphone App – All our products are compatible with our Android monitoring and setting application
  • FreeWay: Cloud fleet management system – Our BMS can all access remote servers and upload their data.


The FreeSafe LineUp share a common architecture, and is fully scalable with a clever Master-Slave architecture, enabling you to use the same product for wide range of application. In fact you can design battery packs from 6 to 200 cells in series.

Datasheet & Demo

“FreeWay is the most comprehensive Battery Fleet Management system you’ll find on the market. With FreeWay you’ll have the ability to manage your battery fleet like never before.”

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“Bundled with all our BMS comes FreeView, a Wireless Dashboard for Android that will grant you access to all the telemetry of your battery as well as an Wireless configuration tool ”



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