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Freemens designs, manufactures and licenses  cutting edge, high precision and chemistry agnostic Battery Management Systems for Lithium Ion batteries.  All our products come with a powerful software ecosystem that enables real time monitoring of your batteries and active management via over the air updates.

A Li-Ion Battery is not as simple as many think, it requires care and attention in order to stay efficient and safe for the longest amount of time. This is where the BMS comes in: it is typically a Printed Circuit Board that will babysit your battery in order to prolong its life, warrant a safe usage, and in our case give you feedback on your how your battery is used by the system it’s in.

Our team worked for more than 7 year to build the most comprehensive lineup. This include 2 BMS, 2 PDU systems, and a software ecosystem that supports battery architectures ranging from 7V to 1000V.

BMS is a short for Battery Management System.

A BMS is an electronic component of a Lithium Battery. A typical Li-Ion battery is composed of an array of elements called cells. Those cells are unfortunately not perfectly identical and this slight unbalance causes premature wear in the life of the battery. The BMS’ job is to manage all the cells, making sure they stay balanced and in their safe operating area, so that the pack remains in a good state of health for as long as intended.

If you’re building a battery with Lithium-Ion cells, you most certainly need a BMS. It will ensure the the longevity of the battery by balancing the cells, it also limits the use of the battery in a range that insure the safety of itself and the user. For example if the BMS detect a temperature anomaly, or worst, a thermal runaway, the BMS will act as a safety device and disconnect the battery before it’s to late.

A fleet management system is important to have a Macro view of your fleet. Imagine you are making an electric car. Wouldn’t it be useful to notice that the batteries of your customer tend to degrade more quickly when they are sold in Portugal as opposed to a customer in the UK ? Maybe the temperatures are at stake ? With Freeway – our Fleet Management System – you can have access to all the data of all your batteries in a simple web browser. Please contact us for a demo


 While working with us you’ll have the opportunity to meet member of our team. This team has been together for more than 6 years and will be able to help you find the right solutions for the most complex problems.

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